Do you want to stop a bully?

Download the AntiBully app today.

The best way to deter a bully is to have the ability to record the act and let the bully know he or she is being recorded.

Our application allows you to safely record and instantly upload the recordings to our cloud servers to prevent bullying against you or anybody else.

Easy to use

With the push of a button, you can start a stealth recording of an act of bullying. All recordings are instantly uploaded to cloud servers. Even if the bully tries to take the phone and delete the evidence, it will be too late.

Emergency Notifications

If you feel threatened, inform your family and friends who can initiate an emergency plan for you. They can make a call on your behalf, come to you, or send medical help if necessary.

Secure yourself, secure your family

Antibully is an application for everyone. It is a very effective personal security and surveillance application linked to your network of family members and friends.

Invite your friends to join!

Satisfied parents

We know parents are protective and want to know where their children are at all times. With the user's consent, this application can send notifications to your parents as the user arrives and departs designated locations like home and school with your consent.

Privacy protected

Your family and friends will only know your location if and when you choose to reveal it to them. They cannot follow you through the use of this application.

Feel secure everywhere

Bullies always look for a safe place to attack, to ensure they will not get caught. With the AntiBully app is on your side, there is no "safe" place for bullies to act.